La ChOze – I was Born

Clip La ChOze  I was born STORY La ChOze : I was born. For this first clip that I made for the pop duo La ChOze, the specifications were very simple: place the 2 musicians in an atypical place. So it's on a hidden runway somewhere in the Pyrenees that we shot this video. GALERIE

La ChOze – The Message

Clip La ChOze The Message STORY La ChOze : The message. Second clip that I co-directed with Céline Z* for La ChOze. The group signed to the American label Blossöm Records and it was to feature the first single from the album. We started again with the concept "one idea - one place" and we...


Inspirations Fineness STORY Fineness. A sweet mix of genres, of things, to create a story around a couple that is not one. Get lost in innuendo, give thanks to the simplicity of a paper, a fabric, to make a whole story with a simple gesture, to make a single ray of light an atmosphere in...

Minimal Concrete

Inspirations Minimal Concrete STORY Fineness. For this inspirational shoot, wedding designer Madame Léon brought together a team around the theme "Minimal Concrete". A minimalist atmosphere, the use of concrete as a support and dominant color here are the starting specifications. GALERIE

Double Je

Inspirations Double je STORY Double je. This immense project was born in the imagination of Mathilde, Wedding Planner of Unik Day. I remember that she briefly presented the project to me: "Would you be willing to film a secular ceremony in a church that no longer has a roof with a team of crazy people?"....

La Box Digitale

Social media agency La Box Digitale STORY Realization of a generic for a company. Camille & Maëliss set up the La Box Digitale agency for women entrepreneurs. Dynamic, go-getter and competent, I produced a video credits in their image, all in dynamism and good humor. We worked together on the production of this credits using...


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