La Box Digitale

Social media agency La Box Digitale STORY Realization of a generic for a company. Camille & Maëliss set up the La Box Digitale agency for women entrepreneurs. Dynamic, go-getter and competent, I produced a video credits in their image, all in dynamism and good humor. We worked together on the production of this credits using...

Les coudes sur la table

Restauration Les coudes sur la table STORY Promote and present a funding project on the ulule platform. Amélie Ariaux, chef of the Toulouse restaurant Les coudes sur la table, and Myrtille Vardelle, culinary photographer, worked together on a project for a recipe book from the restaurant, a work entitled: "daily canteen" We worked together on...

Collection 2020 / Atelier 2B

Wedding dress Collection 2020  Atelier 2B STORY Presentation of the Atelier 2B 2020 collection. For our fourth collaboration, Sandra & Amandine, the creators of the 2B workshop, took us to New York! The idea was to present the new dresses in identified places in the city while not falling into the trap of the "touristy"...

Collection 2020 / ELISE MARTIMORT EN

Wedding dress Collection 2020 Elise Martimort STORY Presentation of the 2020 collection of ELISE MARTIMORT. Elise Martimort entrusted me with the production of the video for her new "MUSE" collection. The specifications were simple: 1 location / 2 models / 20 dresses. Shooting over one day was a real collective adventure thanks to talent providers...

Collection 2019 / Atelier 2B EN

Wedding dress Collection 2019 Atelier 2B STORY Presentation of the Atelier 2B 2019 collection. Head to Brighton for this third collaboration with Atelier 2B. The timing was tight but the result lived up to our expectations: one day of location scouting, two days of shooting and a magic light to end the video! GALERIE


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