Production of music videos and recordings

In a world dominated by web content and video, artists wishing to promote their music and their universe rely on the production of a clip. You may know that a picture is worth 1000 words. A video, on the other hand, is worth 1,000 images, which represents an almost infinite potential for visibility!

Music is a timeless art. With the development of technology and the popularization of videos, it has taken on unimaginable proportions. Currently, there are more than a billion hours of video on the Net and 60% of Internet users comment on and share them. So, to gain visibility and notoriety, you too, make your clip.

As a clip maker operating in Toulouse, I am at your entire disposal for the production of your videos. Having collaborated with many artists, I can advise you on the type of clip that suits you. With my help, create an artistic video worthy of the biggest music channels. I help you script the project to get the expected result. You can also count on me to shoot a live clip in the most beautiful sites of Toulouse or its surroundings. Do you want to make yourself known through a cover? I ensure the recording of your clip at your place or on the places which suit you best.
Creating a music video, especially the first one, is never easy. However, you can count on my experience as a clip maker in Toulouse. And to familiarize yourself with my work as a clip maker in Toulouse, discover my achievements. Find my previous productions there to give you ideas for your own music video shoot in Toulouse.

La ChOze – I was Born

First clip made for La ChOze and their title "I was born"

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La ChOze – The Message

Second clip made for La ChOze with "The Message", track released on the American label Blossöm Records

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