Corporate video, corporate film

In the era of hyper connectivity and visibility, companies must make themselves known. A corporate video is definitely the solution you need. Via a very trendy corporate film, present your brand, your products or your services to the whole world. As a video creator in Toulouse, I transcribe your DNA into images.

Now, the public swears by internet content and social media posts. To boost your company’s marketing and communication strategy, prepare the most incredible corporate video. Through a corporate film made in Toulouse or its surroundings, make your employees the ambassadors of your brand. Indeed, who would be better placed to talk about you, your activities and the atmosphere of your company than your staff?

Let’s work together to ensure your visibility with the public and to set you apart from the competition. The corporate video that we will design together will be the ultimate argument to bring customers and potential partners to use your services. It is also the perfect way to present your services in the best possible way while improving your internal communication thanks to your employees who are passionate and involved in your activities in Toulouse.

A quality corporate film is the key to improving your brand image. You too can shoot your corporate film in Toulouse. Thanks to a production combining quality image and moving music, I help you promote your business to a wider audience.

La Box Digitale

Realization of a credits for the social media agency La Box Digitale, a company for women entrepreneurs.

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Les coudes sur la table

Video produced as part of the ulule campaign to finance the publication of the cookbook "Cantine dujour", the fruit of the work of chef Amélie Ariaux and culinary photographer Myrtille Vardelle.

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Collection 2020 / Atelier 2B

Head to New York to present the new dresses from Atelier 2B!

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Collection 2020 / ELISE MARTIMORT EN

Discover the 2020 MUSE collection from the ELISE MARTIMORT fashion house

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Collection 2019 / Atelier 2B EN

Head to Brighton for the Atelier 2B 2019 collection!

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